I seem to be growing and I am so busy but every time the 20th of the month rolls around I am out of cash. My accountant tells me I am profitable and I have to pay tax but I don’t seem to have enough cash to pay my bills! It is so easy to […]

Short answer is Yes. Though sometimes it is not that simple. The reasons and styles of your online presence come down to the reasons and styles of the business you are creating. A small business may need something smaller, and a large company may need something more intricate. Then in between are the companies that […]

A good reminder why it is so important to be present and recognise the opportunities you have as a leader to make a difference every day! I was leaving Melbourne recently and I had an experience  at the airport that made me realise how important the little things a leader can do to impact positively on […]

My business is growing well, I think it is time to hire someone or another person. But it is so expensive and if I get it wrong it can really burn me. How much more business to I need to be doing to justify a new person. All this employment law stuff just does my […]

I want to promote my new business but it seems so expensive how can I do this in a way that doesn’t cost this much? I have sales reps from radio magazines, newspapers, Web companies all telling me they can make me money through advertising but it is so expensive and really does it work? […]

This can be difficult. You have a great idea, or in fact you are already up and running. You know you need to create your own identity so your customers become loyal and in fact start referring you more business. Having a professional brand that actually resonates with your customers can help step you up […]